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  • dried-agrostis-pulchella-24.
  • dried-agrostis-pulchella-24.
  • dried-agrostis-pulchella-24.

Dried agrostis pulchella (24)

Reference : 24-SEC-FL-AGRPUL-08

of 100g


Available stock : 178 units

Color : Nature

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Agrostis pulchella is the very definition of volume. Its long stems, which can measure up to 60 centimeters, are adorned with dozens of small seeds which, when the plant is in bouquet, give it an extraordinary volume. Very elegant because very fine and relatively flexible, the agrostis is characterized by its cloudy and very purified form. Its name comes from the ancient Greek "ἄγρωστις" which is pronounced agrostis and at the time referred to an undetermined forage plant. Having already been noticed as an interesting plant during antiquity, it is now coming back in a different form and with a different longevity. We propose you indeed, the dried bentgrass, from now on exclusively intended for the decoration of interior, and which will sublimate your creations by its amazing lengths for a lifespan of approximately 20 years. Very pleasant to the eye as well as to the touch thanks to its visible softness, this plant is undoubtedly one of the most versatile in the Phocealys catalog. It will be as well highlighted to bring volume to a bouquet of various flowers, as in a bouquet made only of this species. You will also be able to insert it in your pictures and plant walls although its volume can be complex to master when it comes to gluing it. Its country airs are of an unequalled modernity and its shape remains timeless. We offer it in two different shades: white and natural color, which can be a shade of brown, light in places, dark in others. If you choose to associate this plant with colored flowers or duller flowers, these two colors allow you to have the choice and to find the best way to unite with style and elegance, the different plants of the Phocealys catalog.

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Note: weight and dimensions are for general guidance only. It is a natural product and therefore the colours may vary depending on the bunch.

General recommendations

  • Dried flowers require minimal maintenance. Phocealys advises you :

    • Do not expose your dried flowers directly to the sun, as direct exposure could damage the colour of your bouquets
    • To remove dust from your dried bouquets, wipe them lightly with a cloth to avoid damaging them. You can also use a hairdryer, as long as the air is cold and you do not blow too close to the bouquet

    If you follow these tips, your dried flowers will last almost forever!