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Unsere Kunden haben Talent!

Discover the realizations with preserved plants and dried flowers of our customers, professionals of decoration

We sell preserved plants and dried flowers in bulk, and we are far from imagining the extent of your creativity. That's why we asked you, professionals, to send us your designs. From flowers wreaths, to green walls, dried and stabilized flower bouquets, and jewelry, you really blew us away. We consider ourselves lucky to have such talented customers. We want our plants and flowers to inspire you, that's our main goal: to inspire you and allow you to personalize your creations to the utmost. Thanks to all our customers who have shared their arrangements with us, we hope that you are as happy with our products as we are with your creations.

O'calme végétal

The O'calme workshop is specialised in the conception and the realisation of green walls and paintings. They design and create customized green walls and green ceilings, logos or custom-made 3D shapes with stabilized plants, for all kinds of interior spaces.

Bohème urbaine

Camille, Camille, designer of a dried flower atelier, proposes floral compositions. She makes her creations in her workshop located in Nimes, where the magic happens. These creations vary from accessories such as wreaths and jewelry, to dried bouquets.

Le Tisserin Bohème

Thanks to her passion and our flowers, Sonia creates beautiful handmade creations. Wreaths for any event, bridal accessories, bouquets, mirrors, hangers, candles, etc. It is obvious that Sonia has a lot of creativity.

Alma Flowers

Letitia, creator of Alma|Atelier Floral creates all types of creations with dried and stabilized flowers. Her mission is to embellish her clients' homes while protecting the environment.

Ecrin végétal

Delphine, is specialized in the conception, the realization and the care of stabilized plant decorations. In her own workshop between Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, she creates unique custom-made creations, allowing companies to promote a sustainable and eco-responsible image.

Danses avec les fleurs

Keltoum creates unique creations that will captivate you. As a decorator, dance choreographer and artistic director, she has the talent to give a harmonious charm to all her creations.

Stéphanie marguerite

Stéphanie Marguerite is an artist specializing in ceramic animal sculptures and stabilized flowers. Playing with colors and textures, her customizations have an undeniable appeal for young and older people equally.


Marie, designs and produces vegetal plants creations. From frames, paintings, vyniles and bouquets! Very talented, she knows how to bring a green touch in an elegant way to the interiors of her clients.

Lizz, c'est chez fleurs

Lizzie, created her company on the theme of dried flowers. She creates singular and atypical compositions. Her signature is the realization of personalized creations, such as bells, wall wreaths, floral jewelry, etc.

Micaleff Bernadette 

Since 2016 Bernadette has been making stabilized walls and paintings. She realizes unique creations in an artisanal way.

Ros Arum 

Nathalie,offers her flowering services for events such as baptisms, birthdays, weddings etc. She offers bouquets or compositions of dried flowers, for example dried flower crowns, bracelets, button-holes etc..

Chritine Nepveu 

Vegetal stylist, Christine creates stabilized walls and paintings. She also creates preserved trees. Trees that remain intact without any need for maintenance


Laetitia creates compositions, frames, plant walls with stabilized foliage but also stabilized flowers and dried flowers. By creating custom-made pieces, she offers her customers unique and durable works that perfectly meet their expectations.

Le jardin secret de Pan  

Peter shows his creations at various events such as artisan markets, art and craft exhibitions, Christmas markets, and many others. He creates vegetal frames and paintings, but he also has the ability to give new life to objects that have been diverted, such as mirrors for example. He customizes fashion accessories as well. He lets himself be carried away by his creativity and realizes original creations.

Atelier ecogreen  

Young dynamic and innovating company, its mission is to bring a plant touch in the interior spaces. They produce custom-made paintings, logos, walls using stabilized plants. They bring their creativity in biophilic and ecological interior decorations.

3D Végétal

Specialized in the stabilized plants decoration, 3D végétal realizes plant walls, paintings and stabilized trees. Its creativity is infinite, and each work realized is unique.


Alexia creates kokedamas (which means moss sphere in Japanese). Inspired by Japanese plant art, she offers original, aesthetic and sustainable arrangements, with plants growing in stabilised moss spheres. She also offers maintenance-free kokedamas, with its sphere and stabilised foliage..

Adequa Design

ADEQUA offers interior design solutions for offices, shops and homes: interior cladding, plant logos, walls and plant frames.

Audrey Molinier-Fleurêka

Audrey is a florist in the dry and stabilised flower sector. Passionate about flowers ever since she was a little girl, she realised her childhood dream and set up her own online flower shop.

Nathalie's green gallery

Nathalie and Jean Luc, two partners who love floral art, bring nature into their customers' homes. Thanks to the stabilised plants, they decorate interiors, adding an elegant, modern touch without having to deal with the maintenance. They have designed hotels, stations, casinos, airports, shopping arcades, etc. all over the world.

Atelier la Bucolie

Created by Charlotte in 2022, Atelier la bucolie offers dried flower creations with a bohemian, poetic and bucolic accent. She creates a variety of objects from decorative pieces to accessories for ceremonies and events, all handmade in her Gers workshop.

Atelier d'Evan

Evan has been fascinated by the field of plants and decoration for over 20 years, creating plant walls and/or frames. Working mainly in the Indre, Loires and Tours regions, he is able to meet the specific needs of businesses and individual customers in terms of plant decoration. He knows how to add a natural touch to any interior using preserved plants.

Bohemia event

A floral designer, Pavla creates magnificent decorations for all kinds of events. She specialises in wedding decorations. Using dried and sabilised flowers, Pavla makes every event unique.

Nos lendemains

Nos lendemains (Our tomorrows) is a range of funeral items for rituals and tributes using stabilised plants.

Luna flora

Aira enhances interior spaces with her floral creations. Using stabilised and dried flowers, she creates unique designs. Passionate about flowers for a very long time, Aira knows how to make each creation unique.

Ninfa Studio

Ninfa Studio is an art studio that represents nature in the form of unique pieces of wall art. Ninfa Studio works with private individuals, interior designers and architects to create custom biophilic works of art that transform any space - living, retail or office - into a truly soothing atmosphere.

Carine Cros

Bois et mousses designs and creates paintings and decorative objects using stabilised plants. Carine offers her customers the chance to add a touch of nature to their interiors, without the need for maintenance. Each creation is unique, as she offers customisable creations .


Based in Derbyshire, UK, Horseshoe Flowers is a wedding floral design studio. Specialising in the use of stabilised roses and foliage, with a focus on creative colour palettes, Horseshoe Flowers' designs range from classic to contemporary. Horseshoe Flowers has a range of products from classic bridal bouquets to table decorations and large floral installations.

Eve Dolis

Evewoodlike transforms dead wood into decorative objects by incorporating stabilised plants, giving them a second life. These handcrafted pieces are unique and add serenity to any room.

L'Atelier de Gaya

Gayané is a designer of personalised decorative objects. Her creations are based on dried flowers, and each one is unique.

Chris création

Chris creates paintings, walls, etc with stabilised plants.
He creates unique works using stabilised foliage in all types of support. Chris Creation is able to adapt to a wide range of requirements, from decorating hotels, restaurants and shops to decorating events such as weddings.

La famille de Camomille

La famille camomille is a concept store for artisanal French creations. Guided by three values: artisanship, the environment and innovation, the famille camomille offers products that reflect their passion, dedication and creativity.


Mélanie, a florist for 10 years, is launching her own small business. She creates paintings and stabilised plant walls. She offers her customers high-quality, original arrangements.