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Anti-COVID-19 measures

To fight against COVID-19, Phocealys takes all necessary precautions and measures for employees and for your parcels. Wearing a mask is mandatory. Disinfection of hands and equipment on a regular basis. Respect of safety distances. Strict direction of traffic in the warehouse.


Plant preservation is an innovative and environmentally friendly process that keeps the natural radiance of plants for years without maintenance.

Preserved plants are ideal products for interior decoration. They present all the benefits of natural plants and artificial plants without the disadvantages. The brilliance of the freshness and the ease of use are combined in one and the same innovative product. These preserved plants can create decorations with great ease because of their flexibility and immortality.

Professional recognized for several years on the preservation market, Phocealys makes every effort to provide you with products of high aesthetic and technical quality. The search for new products, efficient and responsive customer service and personalized advice are the company's values.

We deliver to you all over the world !

Our strong points

1. Our prices are not conditioned to a minimum order
2. Expertise, support thanks to a reinforced team in 2019 for ever greater availability
3. Send samples on request