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Dried greeneries

To complete our catalogue of dried flowers, we offer dried foliage

The dry foliage will be a beautiful addition to the compositions of interior decoration artists, giving tone and a beautiful touch of autumn to your works. In our catalogue you will find a whole range of dry foliage adapted to all types of contemporary compositions. Palm leaves are in the spotlight with palm spear and palm sun available in several colours. You will thus give an exotic, simple, aesthetic and delicate touch to your decoration.

Phocealys offers a wide range of dry foliage

Bear grass, briza, and many varieties of dried foliage will allow you to meet all the requests and desires of your customers. Each season will be honoured thanks to the colours we have selected. Christmas and New Year's Eve are not forgotten with golden and silver ruscus branches. Think of lotus flowers and poppy flowers (grey, natural, silver and gold) to complete your bouquets. It's trendy, it's fun and it's very visual.
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