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Other preserved flowers

What about a floral decoration based on small preserved flower heads ?

It is of course very trendy. Flower heads are perfectly preserved and are an inexhaustible source of creativity. Agapanthus, dahlias, iniridas, bougainvillea flowers, carnations, physalis and sunflower heads are just some of the flowers we have selected for you in our catalogue. Fresh flowers do not last forever. Stabilising flowers is the best way to give them a second life. The dahlia is the queen flower of August. This poetic and slightly bohemian flower has created many colourful gardens. No other flower offers such creative solutions. Let your creative imagination work wonders.

Phocealys has selected a range of colours that will meet all your needs.

There are cream preserved dahlia heads, green preserved dahlias, yellow, orange and many other colours. White preserved dahlias, symbol of purity, red dahlias to give a glamorous effect to your composition. Delight your customers by delicately placing a multitude of small flowers on a white tablecloth. The effect is guaranteed. The dahlia is perfectly preserved and will allow you, at the end of the evening to leave a small head of preserved dahlia, with the guests in memory of the memorable evening.

An original decoration guaranteed

Why not try an original decoration such as a flower ceiling made of preserved carnations. It will take a little patience but your customers will love it. It's a floral decoration that you won't see everywhere. It will be unique. Preserved carnations are much more flexible than dried carnations and will give you many more possibilities. For a delicate decoration, consider placing preserved physalis flowers or preserved bougainvillea leaves or preserved agapanthus flowers in a clear glass vase. The effect is simple, immediate and the result is particularly chic and elegant.
other preserved flowers

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