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The hydrangea is one of the most beautiful flowers in floral arrangements and decoration.

Who hasn't been thrilled by a hydrangea bed in the middle of the garden? Originally from Japan, hydrangeas enchant throughout the summer with their magnificent flowers. But why be content with enjoying them only in summer when you can keep them all year round thanks to stabilisation? The soft shades of colours selected will prolong the blooming in the houses from the end of the summer onwards for the happiness of your customers. Phocealys has meticulously selected a range of preserved hydrangea heads with small or large petals which will magnify your floral decorations and bring a natural touch in the living rooms all year long. The phocealys catalogue offers a wide range of colours from lilac to metallic blue, saffron or pink.

Hydrangeas, once preserved, retain all their splendour and elegance.

There's no doubt about it, the preserved hydrangea will give you endless decorating ideas. A bouquet of preserved hydrangeas on a shop shelf or a beautiful hydrangea head in a chic soliflore on a table. Just like the preserved rose, the preserved hydrangea is the king of weddings. Phocealys offers preserved hydrangea heads and also small hydrangea branches that you can delicately place on white tablecloths, near each guest. Why not place them at each end of the benches of the wedding or christening ceremony? The chic and delicate effect will be perfect. You can also include a preserved hydrangea head in a bouquet of preserved flowers such as a bouquet of preserved roses, preserved gypsophila or preserved eucalyptus. There is nothing to prevent you from combining a head of preserved hydrangeas with a bouquet of dried plants such as dried lagurus, dried wheat, dried barley or dried oats. In our Phocealys catalogue you will find a complete range of preserved flowers and dried flowers that will undoubtedly be a source of inspiration for all interior designers who love floral decorations
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