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Preserved Mosses

An essential product

Preserved moss is the indispensable element of any creation: preserved plant walls, stabilized plant panels or other types of creations. Very popular for years, these plant designs are a real success in interior decoration, both in the professional and private sectors. These preserved plants creations add a touch of freshness to the interiors. Stabilization offers the advantage of a long life to your plant artwork without any maintenance.
You will be able to offer your customers a modern, ecological and design decoration that will remain intact for years.
As a wholesaler, we buy directly from producers and sell only to professionals. You will benefit from a very advantageous wholesale prices.
Stabilized mosses will be the foundation of your creations. There are several ranges of foam and Phocealys offers you a large choice: preserved flat moss , preserved pole mosspreserved provence moss, preserved lichen, better known as preserved reindeer moss. To start your designs, we offer you a hith quality flat foam. Harvested and stabilized in France, our preserved flat moss is an essential product for your creations.

A high quality moss, with a natural aspect that will seduce your customers.

Everything depends on your envy or the wishes of your customers. If you want a preserved plant wall or preserved plant frame with a voluminous effect, we suggest you to use the bun moss or the mini preserved bun moss. It will give a curved and elevated effect to your creations.  You can also add a touch of color to your artwork by adding different colored touches, for example,  a layer of red preserved lichen or orange preserved lichen or other color. You can finish by adding our preserved plants to your creation. We have a large selection of preserved flowers. By looking at the catalog, you will find your inspiration to create your plansts frames, moss wall, plant panel or other.Thanks to our wide range of moss you can personalize your interiors and differentiate your works with some originality.
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