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Phocealys offers a complete range of preserved lichens

Preserved lichen, also called reindeer moss, is carefully harvested in vast forests of Northern Europe. Phocealys offers 4 shades of natural green and more original colours (blue, yellow...). There is something for all your decoration needs. This lichen has been washed, coloured and treated to meet the needs of decoration specialists. The texture is particularly soft and supple and its life span is very long, almost unlimited. It is pleasant to work with and will offer you a thousand decorating possibilities. The quality of our lichen and its cleanliness allow us to limit the loss of material to a minimum.

The benefits of lichen

Who hasn't dreamed of working in a serene environment surrounded by vegetation? Preserved lichen gives this impression. Our lime green preserved lichen or light green preserved lichen are ideal colours for creating walls or pictures with vegetation. Your creative mind will give you a multitude of decoration ideas. Phocealys has selected lichen of all colours (yellow lichen, green lichen, blue lichen or red lichen) so that you can let your imagination run wild. Just like preserved moss walls, preserved lichen walls have proven acoustic virtues. Indeed, a preserved lichen wall or a vegetated partition in an open space will significantly reduce the effects of noise and echo.
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