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What is preserved ?

A revolutionary process

Stabilized plants are natural plants from which the sap has been substituted with glycerin. This unique and patented process allows the plants to keep their softness and beauty for years. Some species even preserve their natural smell. This process and the products used are environmentally friendly. The stabilized plants are biodegradable.

The preservation process has been in use for 30 years. Today’s innovations make it possible to develop aesthetically pleasing high performance products. Nowadays products have nothing in common with the products created in the 90s. Advanced research enables more and more species of plants to be preserved to give decorators delight. Each species is actually treated with a specially developed solution to ensure perfec results.Stabilizing treatment immortalizes plants. Therefore, they no longer need care.


Stabilized plants are ideal for interior decoration. As a matter of fact, they possess all decorative advantages of natural and artificial plants without the drawbacks. They combine freshness and ease of use in one innovative product. Preserved plants facilitate decorative projects thanks to their softness and durability.

These plants can be used in numerous ways for interior floral and vegetal decoration. The diversity of species, their shape, colour and texture gives professional decorators infinite possibilities to craft unique creations to satisfy their customers’ needs. For example, they are perfect for green walls and frames. Their benefits are undeniable for the making of floral arrangements, trees, topiaries or bonsais. Interior designs created with preserved plants are widespread among businesses (offices, restaurants, hotels, malls, retirement homes…).

Benefits of preserved plants

Stabilized plants have numerous advantages.


  • No need of irrigation
  • No need of fertilizer
  • No need of trimming
  • No need of repotting
  • No falling leaves


  • No growth (constant volume)
  • No placement constraints Inside (e.g. no need of light)
  • No running costs (substantial savings)
  • Long durability

Sustainable development

  • 100% natural and biodegradable
  • No need of irrigation
  • No need of fertilizers nor pesticides