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The preserved leaves are magnificent in their simplicity.

Phocealys has chosen for you a complete range of preserved leaves for your interior decorations. Aralia leaves, aspidistra, chico leaves, cordeline leaves, ivy leaves, rose petals or even tropical leaves. There is bound to be one that will meet your needs. Phocealys has selected for you several colours of preserved leaves and petals. There is something for every style and every use. To bring this natural beauty to your customers, you can take advantage of the treasures of nature that Phocealys offers

The possibilities for using these leaves and petals are endless.

The lightness and beauty of your floral works will be unparalleled in the eyes of your customers. For example, you can fill a clear glass vase with autumn leaves. The effect will be very visual and will impress your customers. Placing preserved leaves or rose petals on the white tablecloth of a wedding table will give a natural and elegant touch to your decoration. The result of your creation will produce a perfect sculptural effect and will reflect the personality of the bride and groom and their taste in decoration. Preserved leaves are ideal for making decorative plant crowns. Stitch these leaves or petals, add pine cones, acorns, red berry branches and you will get a stunning result.
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