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Preserved mosses

Preserved foam is the ideal base for all your artistic creations.

One hundred and sixty years ago, Baudelaire believed that "art is, and can only be, the exact reproduction of nature". The poet thus noted that, from antiquity to the present day, plants have been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creators. Natural preserved moss is the basis for creating your own paintings or plant walls. There are no limits to creativity. You can green any wall, including plaster walls. Everything can be covered, ceilings, railings, pillars, and even all types of cables. You can put any type of plant on a wall with a foam base. Thanks to our complete range of preserved mosses, there are no limits to your imagination. Do you want to create volume with different shades? Our light green mini ball foams, our apple and lime green ball foams, or our Provence ball foams will be of great use to you. Our complete range of preserved flat foam will match your creative spirit.

The creation of a moss panel is very trendy.

The moss will be the base of your panel that you will complete with preserved ferns, pieces of preserved foliage or even sometimes with dried flowers to bring colour to your work. Phocealys has selected for you preserved moss producers who respect the environment, mosses gathered in the undergrowth and especially in the forests of the Vosges. They are not cultivated but simply picked in their natural space before being preserved in local farms that we visit regularly.

The benefits of preserved moss

A wall of preserved moss or lichen in an office, open space or workshop helps employees to concentrate more easily and thus increases team productivity. A moss wall reduces noise pollution. Indeed, the structure, shape and density of the moss can neutralise noise, echoes and the tone of voice in a room. Foam is therefore regularly used to soundproof a meeting room. The benefits of a wall made of preserved moss or lichen are numerous. Moss was cultivated by Japanese gardeners for its ability to soothe. The plant in an interior allows employees to relax. Thanks to the preserved moss wall you can work in a zen, modern and trendy atmosphere. Contrary to popular belief, your plant wall will not collect dust because moss has anti-static properties. Dust does not cling to it and your plant decorations do not need any special maintenance. Moss is very well suited to air-conditioned environments (provided of course that it is not in direct contact with the appliance). In addition, there are also environmental benefits, as preserved moss walls and pictures do not emit any CO2.
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