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Floral fillers

Phocealys has selected a wide range of preserved flowering foliage.

Diosmi, Achillea, amaranth, botao, broom or thistles, gypsophila and lavender, you will find everything you need in our catalogue to delight your customers' eyes. There is something for everyone, in every colour. Let your imagination run wild... This stabilised flowering foliage will stand the test of time and maintain its colour, texture and natural suppleness for years. The foliage will retain a feel and look that will make you believe it has just been picked.

Would you like to add a touch of colour to a plant wall or in a plant panel ?

Add preserved botao or preserved gypsophila. The combination of preserved green moss, preserved ferns and preserved flowering foliage will give a beautiful and modern look. Our comprehensive range of high quality preserved amaranthus will be particularly useful if you want to give your green wall a tumbled effect. Preserved amaranth is the essential plant for vertical decorations. This explains its success. The many colours we offer are beautiful and there is something for everyone, almond green, light green, green, black, apricot and many more.

There are countless ideas for decorating with preserved flowering foliage.

What about thistles? Log on to the site to admire them. They are beautiful and stand on their own in a flower arrangement. Put red, purple or light pink preserved thistles in a foam in a large vase and your friends will inevitably ask you where they come from. The preserved gypsophila we offer will fit in with all your flower arrangements. Bouquets cannot do without it. Just like preserved broom, this flowering foliage will give a modern and delicate touch to all your works. Would you like to give your work a Provençal touch? Then you should opt for a bouquet of preserved lavender, which we have selected for you. And if you want to find the air of the fields in your floral decorations, then the essential is the achillea filipendula which can surprise you.
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