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Dried flowers

Dried flowers, an essential decorative element

Flowers have the power to fascinate and enchant us all. This has been the case for a long time. Even in the Victorian era, women made floral garlands and used dried flowers to design pictures. Flowers were also dried to adorn jewellery, fans and gloves. The popularity that the Victorians gave to dried flowers spread throughout Europe. Flowers are still dried to preserve memories and create art. Dried flowers make us nostalgic. A bouquet of dried wheat or barley inevitably evokes for many people the fields waving in the summer heat, the holidays. Dried flowers are full of memories. An inalienable scent of youth. Fashion is an eternal restart, as the trend for dried flowers shows. Dried flowers can thank social networks for this second youth. The dried flower brings a retro and often quirky touch that has the advantage of matching many worlds. Timeless elegance thanks to its white and pink colours. Very trendy with its pastel colours which are now very fashionable again. Instigates good mood thanks to its shimmering colours. Phocealys has gone to Europe to find a multitude of varieties to meet all your desires and the imagination of your customers. We have more than 300 varieties of dried flowers in our catalogue, available in different colours. You are spoilt for choice in terms of colours and shades. Choose seasonal flowers to keep the natural aspect and accentuate the illusion of fresh flowers.

You're sure to find something you like

In simple bouquets, they can be arranged in pretty vases to decorate a buffet, a small wooden or glass table, as garlands, as dried flower candles, as hair accessories (barrettes, crowns), as decorative circles, in short, the list is endless. Dried flowers also look great in cloches. They can be placed in a frame to add a natural touch to your wall decoration: Agrostis, golden spiga, meadow vulpin, broom, marcela, hill flower, briza segro, etc. These dried flowers are delicate and beautiful. In bouquets, they have no equal and if the bride wants to keep her bouquet, the dried flower is the perfect solution. The phalaris, with its airy little pompons, is the perfect flower to add lightness to your work. Dried echinops will give a bucolic touch to your festive table. Glixia and broom are the perfect complement to dry bouquets. What about the white lagurus that we found on farms in in southern Italy, which will give a velvety impression in a small transparent glass vase. The lagurus is our bestseller and we have created more than 20 different colours for you. From classic colours like pink or blue to very original colours like grey, lilla and terracotta. If you want to give your decorations a summery touch, we have reserved a whole range of local varieties. Bales of dried wheat, dried barley and dried oats that go well with everything and look great in shop windows. Our range also includes dried lavender, which is synonymous with the sun and the Mediterranean. These bouquets will give your living room a pleasant scent all winter long. It is difficult to show the extent of our collection, so please feel free to browse the online catalogue or join us on our Instagram profile for decoration ideas. When spring arrives, your customers will no doubt be asking you to create some great art. Don't look any further, pampas flowers will inevitably inspire you and give volume to your decorations. In Camargue, we have selected some magnificent white pampas as well as a range of beautiful, soft and modern colours

Tips to take care of the dried flowers

Dried flowers are very resistant to their environment. However, do not place them on the direct sun rays. It will cause the lose of its colour. However, if you want to give your bouquet or arrangement a more retro feel, you can put it in the sun. The colours will then gradually fade and you will obtain a pastel effect which is sometimes sought after. A bouquet of dried flowers requires very little maintenance. However, after a few months, dust may settle on the flowers. Nothing to worry about. You can use a cold air hairdryer (keeping a distance of about 50cm) or simply blow gently on the flower. This is often enough. The average lifespan of a dried flower bouquet is 3 years, but if you store it in a suitable space, it may last much longer, which makes it very environmentally friendly.
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