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Dried flowers arrangements

Dried flowers arrangements

Phocealys has selected a beautiful range of dried bouquets for florists.

Phalaris, broom bloom, tatarica, lagurus, gypsophila, small thistles are all varieties that make our bouquets so good looking. Our bouquets are warm and tenderly beautiful. The colours tend towards blue to give a sea air to the interiors or towards warm colours reminding the warm lands of the sunny regions. Our bouquets can also be in sober and natural tones. For you, our florist customers, this will save you precious time in making your bouquets and optimise your sales. They are already almost finished. This does not prevent you from adding your own personal touch by adding varieties that you can also find in the phocealys catalogue. Grasses to add a summery and bucolic touch, small dried flowers such as margaret or glixia to give the bouquet a feminine and graphic aspect. Dried flowers last an average of two years. A bouquet of dried flowers costs a little more than a bouquet of fresh flowers but will last much longer. Your clients will be able to admire the dried bouquet during the event but if they wish, they can take it away and keep it for several years if it is protected.
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