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Stabilised eucalyptus is a boon to your creativity.

As the favourite plant of koalas, stabilised eucalyptus is the essential foliage for all plant creations. Eucalyptus brings a natural freshness and a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance to your floral decor. It can be used on its own in a bouquet, in a nice vase or added to other varieties of dried or stabilised flowers. Phocealys offers a particularly wide range of eucalyptus. There is something for every type of decoration: Stuartiana Eucalyptus, Populus Eucalyptus, Nicoly Eucalyptus, Parvifolia Eucalyptus. Phocealys also proposes the eucalyptus baby whose small leaves will bring a spring touch to all your decorations. You can even mix colours. Depending on the species, we propose different shades of colours to vary the pleasures. We have green, light green, red, ruby red and burgundy stabilised eucalyptus.

There is a reason why Eucalyptus is a bestseller...

You can use them simply in a vase, on a wreath, in a bouquet or in the middle of a beautiful wall arrangement. The eucalyptus invites itself to your customers' homes to soften the atmosphere, bring a natural touch and elegance. The eucalyptus is the essential accessory for your compositions. You can create a zen space on your ephemeral stands and recycle your floral decoration by pleasing your family and friends. Your eucalyptus bouquet will keep for several years if you store it in good conditions.
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