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A page dedicated to inspiration 

We invite you to download on this page our catalogs as well as color & trend guides. These contents are intended to be a true source of inspiration and creativity for all decoration professionals. Our goal is to provide you with advice and tips to support you in the realization of your projects.

In the spotlight

Eternal Wedding : 
The Magic of Preserved and Dried Flowers

Organizing a wedding is an extraordinary adventure, where every detail must be carefully planned to create a unique and memorable experience. In this context, the choice of flowers is crucial to bring the vision of the future couple to life.

The dried flowers and preserved plants we offer are the perfect choice for this occasion, providing timeless beauty and impeccable durability for the big day and beyond.

Weddings are an inexhaustible theme, and wedding planners as well as floral decoration professionals continuously reinvent it with their expertise and creativity. Phocealys is not just a wholesaler but positions itself as a true partner, ready to support you by offering a wide selection, quality, and personalized advice at the best market prices.

This catalog has been specially designed to inspire you. We invite you to download it without delay!

Be inspired by the magic of dried and preserved flowers to craft unforgettable creations and decor.



Our catalogs are available for free download!

Preserved Mosses
Explore the different varieties of stabilized mosses and let your creativity run wild to transform each living space into a true work of plant art...

Preserved Plants
Let yourself be guided by the natural and timeless aesthetics of our stabilized flowers and foliage. An essential selection to enable you to create lasting designs.
Dried Flowers
Looking to add a touch of rustic elegance to your decor? Discover our collection of carefully selected dried flowers to enhance your spaces with charm and natural beauty.

Trends & Tips

Dried flowers and preserved foliage are undoubtedly your best allies for successful end-of-year holiday decorations.
Let the magic of Christmas unfold with a wide palette of varieties and colors carefully selected by Phocealys.
Autumn is an enchanting season that invites us to redefine and enrich our living spaces.
Let yourself be inspired by nature as well as Phocealys' selection by creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the utmost enjoyment of your clients.
More than just a buzzword or a fleeting fashion trend, biophilic design is becoming a staple in our daily environment.
In decoration, this trend involves creating living spaces that combine aesthetics and well-being through natural elements..