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Phocealys offers an exceptional selection of high quality stabilised ferns in all shapes and colours.

When combined with many other plants, preserved ferns will be the perfect complement to your bouquets, murals and green walls. We have selected more than 15 species of ferns such as argyrea, davalia, colombian, rock, pteridium, rumora, sertularia and ming fern, which will enhance your arrangements. They are available in different colours such as olive green, green, white and red. Ferns have existed for millions of years. Nature offers a large number of varieties of ferns. It is a rather wild plant that is regularly found in forests. Their large, elongated leaves or their many smaller ones make them a very graphic and often voluminous plant species..

Staged, the ferns, even though wild, become plants with very graphic lines.

The fern can be staged in several ways: Choose small ferns such as felci or lutti ferns or stabilised parchment ferns and carefully place them between two glass panels. You can also use them to complete your plant pictures. This will give your artwork a very nice, delicate look. Opt for larger ferns such as the common fern or the brake fern, to decorate your larger plant walls and give them an exotic touch or to simply decorate exhibition stands at public events. Your decorations will not be missed and will remain in perfect condition throughout the event. And if you protect them well, you can use the same plants at several successive events.
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