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  • dried-ouro-grass-8.

Dried ouro grass (8)

Reference : 8-SEC-FL-OUR-10

of 70g


Available stock : 23 units

Color : white

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When we talk about dried ouro grass, the word 'original' is used to describe it. Indeed, you will certainly have noticed the unique look that ouro grass gives. A soft, fluffy texture that flows along its long, curved stems, ouro grass is an original, but still versatile, element that fits in with everything. By adding ouro grass to your design, you can be sure of an exceptional result that will be unique in the world. This dried plant can be used in many different ways, contrary to what you might think at first impression. In a bouquet, this herb guarantees maximum volume. You can create bouquets with various structures by manipulating the ouro herb as you wish. Ouro grass is not only used for dried and stabilised bouquets, it is also a popular element in larger projects. Wall decorations, flower arches, table decorations, ouro grass adds a unique texture and volume to all your projects. On DIY creations, ouro grass is also very appreciated for its particularity which gives your creations an extra value by standing out from the others. Ouro grass is often used in flower crowns, bracelets and brooches. In addition to the natural colour of ouro grass, pink and creamy white colours are available in the Phocealys catalogue. Phocealys ouro grass is 100% European it comes from Spain.

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