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Dried cane cone (29)

Reference : 29-SEC-FL-NOEL-57

Color : Gold

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Dried cane cones have an elongated conical shape, a rough texture and spiral scales. Often used in dried flower arrangements, wreaths and floral compositions, they add an interesting texture and a rustic touch. You can find them in different sizes and colours. At Phocealys you can find them in powder pink, gold and silver. They are available on stems, which allows them to add a vertical dimension that creates an attractive visual effect. Thanks to the drying method, they are a long-lasting product, as they keep their decorative appearance for a long time. In floral decorations, combined with other flowers, dried and/or stabilised foliage, they add a rustic, textured touch. To create Christmas floral arrangements, a perfect combination would be to use golden cane cones combined with white broom, red dried palm spears and white wheat. This arrangement will add a festive and elegant touch to your seasonal decorations. The golden cane cones add a warm glow, while the white broom adds a soft, light texture. Red dried palm spears will add accents of vibrant colour, while white wheat will add a rustic, natural touch. Together, these elements will create attractive and original Christmas floral arrangements. Because of their ability to create a warm atmosphere, cane cones are particularly popular in autumn and winter decorations. Dry cane cones can also be used to add colour and texture to summer creations. In particular, our powder pink dry cane cone offers an attractive option for summer decorations. With its delicate, subtle hue, it can be used in summer floral arrangements, wreaths or decorative compositions to add a touch of soft colour.

Origin :
Length min (cm) :
Length max (cm) :
Hauteur Fleur min (cm) :
5 cm
Held in time :


Note: weight and dimensions are for general guidance only. It is a natural product and therefore the colours may vary depending on the bunch.

General recommendations

Dried flowers require minimal maintenance. Phocealys advises you :

  • Do not expose your dried flowers directly to the sun, as direct exposure could damage the colour of your bouquets
  • To remove dust from your dried bouquets, wipe them lightly with a cloth to avoid damaging them. You can also use a hairdryer, as long as the air is cold and you do not blow too close to the bouquet

If you follow these tips, your dried flowers will last almost forever!


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