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  • dried-briza-segro-20.
  • dried-briza-segro-20.
  • dried-briza-segro-20.
  • dried-briza-segro-20.

Dried briza segro (20)

Reference : 20-SEC-FE-BRI-19

of 50g


Available stock : 10 units

Color : Grey

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The briza segro is a relatively long plant being able to reach between 60 and 70 centimeters of the height. Native of Italy, its name comes from the Corsican language and literally means "secret breeze". This name already paints the picture of a delicate and fragile plant that will of course have to be handled with care, but which will especially be able to bring a lot of finesse and distinction to your creations. We are fortunate to be able to offer you eight different shades for this product. From delicate to bold, from natural to surprisingly artificial, each color has its own use and function to make the viewer feel a particular emotion. White will give a very fashionable country look and an impression of lightness, a feeling of appeasement. The red, on the contrary, will bring by small touches, a dramatic aspect to your work. It will draw the eye to the creation and add a touch of originality. Looking like a feather duster when it is in the form of a distinguished bouquet and enhancing the volume when it is isolated, the briza segro is in all circumstances, an essential element to add elegance in your living room.

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Length min (cm) :
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Note: weight and dimensions are for general guidance only. It is a natural product and therefore the colours may vary depending on the bunch.

General recommendations

Dried flowers require minimal maintenance. Phocealys advises you :

  • Do not expose your dried flowers directly to the sun, as direct exposure could damage the colour of your bouquets
  • To remove dust from your dried bouquets, wipe them lightly with a cloth to avoid damaging them. You can also use a hairdryer, as long as the air is cold and you do not blow too close to the bouquet

If you follow these tips, your dried flowers will last almost forever!