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  • dried-thistle-eryngium-18.
  • dried-thistle-eryngium-18.
  • dried-thistle-eryngium-18.
  • dried-thistle-eryngium-18.

Dried thistle Eryngium (18)

Reference : 18-SEC-FL-CHARERNL-08

of 80g

Color : Nature

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The dried thistle is the most characteristic dried flower in the Phocealys catalogue. Known for its prickly touch, the thistle has a refined and unapproachable look. It is a wild dried flower that will give to your creations not only a great volume because of its size, but also a powerful and simple elegance thanks to the strong element that is the thistle. The dried thistle can easily be combined with other dried or stabilised foliage or flowers. In particular, it is very easy to combine it with dried wild flowers such as wild wheat and phalaris. It is particularly recommended to use plants with a softer look to break the codes and vary the styles. For example, why not mix it with dry acrolinium, which will contrast its softness with the typical characteristics of dry thistle. By combining it with dry foliage such as dry tatarica or dry ruscus, you can' t make a mistake, your work will be even more beautiful. In interior decoration, the wild thistle is ideal. Its presence and charisma are the perfect assets for a well-decorated interior. It can be easily integrated into compositions, whether in a vase or on one of your creations, dried flower wreaths or stabilised plant walls.

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Note: weight and dimensions are for general guidance only. It is a natural product and therefore the colours may vary depending on the bunch.

General recommendations

Dried flowers require minimal maintenance. Phocealys advises you :

  • Do not expose your dried flowers directly to the sun, as direct exposure could damage the colour of your bouquets
  • To remove dust from your dried bouquets, wipe them lightly with a cloth to avoid damaging them. You can also use a hairdryer, as long as the air is cold and you do not blow too close to the bouquet

If you follow these tips, your dried flowers will last almost forever!


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